Lansky Deluxe Sharpening System Review

Lansky Deluxe Sharpening System Review
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When you're looking for something to get your knives back to their absolute sharpest but don't want to ruin your favorite tools with some electric or out of your control, it can be hard finding a quality manual sharpening set to do the job.

While you don't want to leave the job up to an electric device, you also don't need to be working any harder than you have to in order to see results.

For this reason, you want a manual sharpening set that can offer an easy way to get your knives in their best condition and one with enough versatility to suit your knives from the kitchen to the shop or the field. A sharpening system that doesn't just provide one type of angle or finish for your knives, due to the varying needs of each one.

Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpening System set.


The Lansky Sharpening System is everything that you could ask for and more, with a complete set intended to restore every tool and knife back to its factory sharpness with minimal manual effort.

This set is designed to meet all different types of blades and is ideal for those who are happy to work a little harder to keep their knives in the best condition possible. With the Lansky Sharpening System in your toolkit, you'll never suffer from a dull blade again.

About The Product

There are a few American brands that are well known for everything they bring to the table in terms of reliability and functionality, and Lansky is one of them. For over 35 years, this famous brand has been serving this country with their innovative Sharpening System.

Ideal for DIY and cutlery enthusiasts who don't trust their blade with just any old electric sharpener, this makes the perfect accessory for keeping your knives looking and working at their very best.

With so many electric models now available on the market, it seems nobody wants to put in the time and effort to get their knives perfectly sharp again. For this reason, they're happy to cause potential damage to the blades and get a quick result just to save themselves a bit of elbow grease.

The Lansky Sharpening System offers something completely unique with this set, though, and gives a way to sharpen just about any knife or tool with ease and using your own two hands. When you invest in this quality knife sharpening set, you'll receive:

  • Five different hones from ultra fine to extra coarse for sharpening everything from ceramic to heavy duty steel;
  • A guide rod for every hone in the set;
  • Specially formulated honing oil included with your system;
  • Controlled angle sharpening system allows you to choose the preferred angle for your blade;
  • Multi-angle clamp to hold your piece steady and make the system easy to use;

If you don't want to put your trust into a machine to keep your favorite knives and tools sharp and reliable, you'll be pleased with everything the Lansky Sharpening System has to offer.

The Good And The Bad Of The Lansky Sharpening System

By far the best thing about the Lansky Sharpening System is just how versatile and adaptable it can be, especially when compared to electric devices which only offer one angle.

You're able to adjust the angle to suit and even given the choice of five different hones to work with everything from ceramic to steel.

Don't expect this to come easy though, as you'll have to be prepared to put in some work to get your knives looking their best.

Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpening System hones.


This doesn't glide through as simply as an electric device, but the upside to this is that you can have complete control over what you're sharpening and what the final result will be.

Another thing to be cautious about is the jaws which hold your knife into place, as some online reviews have indicated that these can be a bit harsh on blades.

Some people have said they applied masking tape to keep them from doing damage which fixed the problem, however, if you have premium quality knives and are concerned they might be ruined you may wish to use a gentler electric device instead.

Where To Buy The Lansky Sharpening System

If you want to invest in the finest manual sharpening system there is, you'll be thrilled to know that Lansky is extremely affordable when you shop through Amazon.

You can get the entire set with hones and other accessories for under $50 which also includes free shipping. Amazon Prime members will receive their sharpening set in less than two days which means you can get to work straight away making your blades ultra sharp.

Although there?s no official warranty offered by Lansky, there's nothing about this system that could easily break or be faulty. Because there are no electrical or mechanical parts to worry about, you know you're getting a reliable system that will last in your home for many years.

The Lansky Sharpening System does come with oil included, but it's always best to be prepared so you can keep the device in the best condition possible. For this reason, you might want to consider purchasing some replacement oil through Amazon also and combining the postage for no extra cost.

Final Thoughts

If you've been searching for a quality manual sharpening kit to keep your tools and utensils as sharp as can be, you'll be very pleased with the Lansky Sharpening System. This high-quality stone system allows you to customize your sharpening experience to suit just about any blade you need to work with.

Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpening System hones in hand.


Whether you're a DIY lover or kitchen utensil enthusiast, you'll be very pleased by what the Lansky Sharpening System can offer. To get this set for yourself and give your blades the time and effort they deserve, purchase them today.

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